About Us

About Us

At the forefront of continuing health education, FHE is dedicated to creating the highest standards of instruction in the field of health-focused professional development.

Foundations Health Education (FHE) was founded by a collaborative group of both clinicians and educators with a goal to provide the highest quality continuing education for health care professionals and to ensure you are at the leading edge of your profession.

Like you, we unite our passion for excellence in healthcare with the understanding that ongoing learning is a necessity within the ever-evolving medical field. We understand that client care improves when healthcare professionals enhance their skills and expand their knowledge base.

FHE was founded on the principle that knowledge is the foundation of every healthcare professional’s practice and is committed to being a driving force behind you realizing your clinical potential.

Our mission, quite simply, is to ensure you are not
just up to date, but ahead of the curve.

We are uniquely positioned to provide an unparalleled educational experience because of the combined insights, expertise and creativity of our seasoned industry professionals.

These experts bring with them an invaluable wealth of knowledge, derived from years of hands-on clinical practice, extensive education and instructional experience. Their expertise is integrated into each course we offer, ensuring that our learners are always at the forefront of their respective fields.

At FHE, we are deeply invested in each learner’s journey, and strive to support our participants every step of the way. We provide a supportive and nurturing learning environment with course materials that are engaging, comprehensive and enjoyable.

With FHE as your educational partner, you can expect to reach new heights in your healthcare career. We merge the latest industry insights with proven pedagogical strategies, and help you take your healthcare education to levels you never thought possible. Together, we can transform your career, enhance patient care, and enable you to achieve your full clinical potential.

Join us at Foundations Health Education , and let us help shape the future of your healthcare career.